3. Camera placement is crucial. Be sure to place the camera, or multiple cameras, in a good location. With a virtual show, your audience can only see what the camera can see. Position the primary camera so it provides a nice "front row view" of the stage. This provides the perspective of being in the best seat in the house for everyone tuning into your event. If you use multiple cameras, consider the use of wide shots of the performance space, close ups of the performer(s) on stage, and unique vantage points that will include the audience in your performance. pinoy tambayan

2. Light it right. Lighting and backdrops can be used to set the mood of the performance space. Different light colors and combinations can evoke different feelings about the room and the type of performance you are doing. If you're looking for a calm, mellow vibe, try using blue, purple, or green tones. Or use orange and yellow colors for a more energetic space. Experiment with your lighting and backdrop to bring the audience into the space you wish to create for them. 1. The #1 rule for engaging your live online audience: remember your fans throughout the show.

Communicate with your audience before the event starts. Most online event platforms allow you to live chat with the viewers via instant text messaging on the screen. Consider taking requests or typing some quick personal greetings to anyone showing up to the event early. Or maybe you want to do an interview with band members or other special guests before the show starts. This type of interaction can help you seem more in touch with the online audience and will set the stage for capturing their attention for the rest of the live performance.

Have someone monitor the chat session while you're performing. There may be interesting banter happening between fans, or maybe you want to do a shout-out to someone live, on camera. This always livens up the chat room and is a sure-fire way to keep the audience engaged. When fans see and hear you respond to their questions or comments live, it greatly enhances the personal involvement in the event - for everyone. This will make a lasting impression on your audience, and they'll be back for more!

Bonus tip: do a post-gig Question & Answer session with your fans. You might even want to treat this like a "backstage pass" and allow exclusive ticket holders to attend the special event after the show. This may even be part of your online encore where you perform a new song for the first time or take special requests.